Here is a perfect example of what you DON’T want: nice new siding that looks sloppy, ripply, and unprofessionally installed.

Take a look at the house below (an anonymous house our canvasser’s caught eye of while working a neighborhood).

Bad Siding Job

Having an experienced installer is an invaluable asset to a home improvement project. Sure, you can try to do it yourself, and sure, you can hire the cheapest construction Joe-Shmo you know, but at BEST your house will look like it’s fit for a water-park ride.

What probably happened to these homeowners is the same thing that has happened to many; they hired a cheap siding company to install new product for them, and the first day or two after it was finished it looked fantastic! All new siding looks beautiful and new because it’s fresh and clean. The homeowners probably praised the company that installed it for them and sent them on their way with a happy wave and smile.

Then, a couple of weeks passed. After a couple of weeks of settling on the house and in the local environment, the errors in installation make themselves apparent. Rippling shows up. Things start looking crooked. The side of your home looks like it’s filled with air bubbles. The inexperience of the installer can no longer be glossed over because it’s glaring down at you from the big wide face of your bumpy house.

Energy Max Solutions is an expert contractor that only employs people we KNOW to be well-trained, extensively experienced, and professional. We believe people should be able to buy a product and service and have it done well and correctly the first time around. What’s more is that we don’t believe they should have to pay extra just to ensure that.

Avoid a siding job like these poor souls received by asking questions, being an informed consumer, and deciding on a company like Energy Max Solutions.

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